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VF series vacuum filter is a special laboratory filter, it matched with the microporous membrane of different aperture, adopts vacuum suction filter, can be used in the research of chemical analysis, instrumental analysis, sanitary inspection, pharmaceutical industry, and agricultural machinery, automotive, construction machinery and so on for liquid - liquid Extraction or liquid - soild filtration. liquid filtration, to detect and remove fluid of the particles and bacteria. For example: the sterile aseptic filtration test, medium, small and medium-sized power internal combustion engine clean, jet fuel and hydraulic system of solid particle pollution weight method, such as grating film. also applies to the hydraulic oil, aviation kerosene, and water quality of high purity reagent counting method.


● GG17 high borosilicate glass receiving flask, has excellent chemical and physical properties.
● Buchner funnel adopt 304 stainless steel which corrosion and abrasion resistance.
● The PTEE discharge valve, corrosion resistance, no pollution, no dead space, removable and easily discharge of solid materials
● The frame is made of SS304 with universal pulley, easy to move and also can brake.

намунаStainless Steel Frame with Pulley
шишаGG-17 High borosilicate glass
Ҷамъоварӣ колбаса10L20L30L50L100
ХонумΦ360 * 220Φ360 * 220Φ485 * 295Φ485 * 295Φ950 * 300
316 аз пӯлоди зангногир
Filter disk4mm
Vacuum mouthOD13mm / ID10mm
Насоси чангкашакWith vacuum pump
Discharge Valve ground clearance350mm350mm350mm350mm350mm
Андозаи беруна500 * * 500 1300mm600 * * 600 1400mm750 * * 750 1650mm
Our laboratory glass and laboratory instruments are all independently developed
and can be customized according to the actual requirements of customers